Denise Richards to Charlie Sheen: Let Me Help!

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Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have had plenty of differences, but compared to the drama between Sheen and Brooke Mueller, the two are downright cozy.

That's why, in the wake of Brooke spiraling so out of control, Denise reached out to Charlie and offered to take informal custody of his twins, Bob and Max.

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Denise called Charlie right after the shocking story broke late last week that a likely strung out Brooke hit a pawn shop to hawk a watch and a stereo.

Sheen's previous ex-wife wants to help if she can.

Denise told Charlie it was apparent Brooke (now back in rehab) is off the rails and with Charlie on tour, she offered to take the kids until things stabilized.

Charlie and Denise also have two young daughters, Sam and Lola.

As for Charlie's reaction? He's had issues with Denise, like we said, but he didn't shut her down. He thanked her and told her, "I'll keep you posted."

Charlie's lawyer is going to court in an attempt to gain full custody from Brooke, whose mother has also offered to take the kids. Stay tuned ...

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