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Charlie Sheen “plays” Cleveland tonight. Tickets are still available. A lot of them.

The first show of his Torpedo of Truth tour was such a historic debacle, a huge number of people dumped tickets to future dates onto the secondary market.

Also, a large number of tickets remain unsold at all, even after Sheen redeemed himself (sort of) with a better-received Chicago performance (below).

Sheen Live Tour - Torpedoes of Truth

According to online exchanges, the average ticket to Sheen’s upcoming Radio City Music Hall date went for between $125-$150 last week on its website.

Yesterday, that average sale price sank to $80. Today, $50. An Orchestra seat at Radio City can now be had for as little as $24, far, far below face value.

Not that Sheen likely cares.

“I already got your money, dude,” he told a Detroit fan who booed him. “You paid your hard-earned money without knowing what this show was about.”

At least fewer people will be making that mistake now.