THG Spoiler Corner: What's Ahead on the Small Screen?

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Many popular shows are currently on hiatus. But, fear not, they'll return with a concluding string of episodes in the near future, leading up to the finale.

While we sort through one Charlie Sheen story after another, our friends at TV Fanatic have a look at what fans of The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and other programs can expect when they hit the air again. Just follow the links below...

Walking Dead

The Vampire Diaries spoilers: Elena's mother is back, which makes Katherine very happy apparently. Uh-oh.

The Walking Dead spoilers: This show can get darker and more gory?!? We can't wait for season two.

True Blood spoilers: Eric confused... and SHIRTLESS? We'll take it.

NCIS spoilers: A serial killer arc is on the way. Best of luck with that, Gibbs.

Pretty Little Liars spoilers: How will this season end? In a word, according to cast members: With an OMG.