Lindsay Lohan to Michael Lohan: STFU!

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Lindsay Lohan is not a fan of her father right now.

That's hardly a surprise, but given Michael Lohan's recent behavior - speaking about her more than usual, booking her on the Late Show without telling her, even signing up for Celebrity Rehab himself - the troubled star is calling him out.

Here's what she had to say to Radar about MiLo:

MiLo Photo

R U KIDDING? Sadly, LiLo, he's not. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

"I am so sorry that my father has continually chosen to speak publicly about our relationship, my mother, my siblings, and my professional team."

The accused jewel thief added: "I am working through my recovery day by day and find his public media bouts both unnecessary and damaging."

Lindsay is due back in court March 10 in her felony grand theft case, and Michael has been vocal about that situation ... as well as everything else.

MiLo has told the media his main priority is keeping her sober and bringing the family back together - yet Lindsay feels he's doing the opposite.

This is not the first time the 24-year-old has had issues with her father. That's putting it mildly. They've actually been less estranged than usual.

While in rehab it became apparent that, "Lindsay blames a lot of her problems and issues on her dad," a source close to the Mean Girls star said.

"His name came up constantly," the source said of her counseling sessions. "Lindsay has a lot of unresolved feelings and anger towards Michael."

Lindsay was told to come to grips with what role, if any, her dad would play in her life once she returned home, but that's easier said than done.

He'd be doing her a favor if he'd put a lid on it once in awhile. Really, MiLo? Celebrity Rehab? Do you think you're "helping" anyone but yourself?

Mike has yet to comment on the Lindsay Lohan sex book rumor. But give it time, he probably just needs time to process all the possible replies.

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