Lindsay Lohan Quits Smoking! No, Seriously!

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Stop the presses. Lindsay Lohan has supposedly kicked smoking.

Not only is this a great move for, you know, long-term survival, but it's also smart given her looming jail sentence for grand theft/probation violation(s).

Lynwood Correctional Facility, a place with which she's sadly familiar, is a non-smoking detention center. Yep, no cigs in the can. It's a changing world.

What a Quitter

Sources say Lindsay Lohan is on a health kick. No, we're serious.

Lohan is adamant that she's not going to jail despite the felony grand theft charge complicated by a checkered past and a disaster of a probation report.

Jail or no jail, girl is "continuing on the path to a healthier life" by kicking the nicotine habit. Cold turkey, in fact. She also works out with a trainer daily.

Sources say she quit a week ago and hasn't relapsed. Hey, with LiLo, it's not a small feat. Click to enlarge some "smokin'" Lindsay Lohan pictures below:

Lohan Smoking
Smoking, Hot Lohan
Lohan Smokin'
Smokin' Hot Bitch!
Inhaling Carcinogens
Smoking and Texting

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, Fame Pictures]


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