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Lindsay Lohan believes the sale of surveillance footage of her alleged necklace ganking may vindicate her, validate her excuse and play right into her hand.

She may actually have a point on all counts.

Sources close to Lohan say she thinks the fact that Kamofie & Co. sold the tape proves what she’s been saying all along – they’re using her to cash in.

Lindsay and Bader Image

VINDICATED? Lindsay believes she is, or will be. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

The jewelry store worked with a broker to peddle the tape, despite the fact lawyers for the prosecution asked them not to, fearing it would ruin their case.

Now the tape is out there and sources close to Lindsay say she feels vindicated by the fact that the store capitalized on the situation, motivated by money.

Amazingly, Lindsay’s steadfast refusal to accept jail time in a plea deal may end up being a smart move, since the alleged victim hurt its own credibility.

Lindsay hopes the store’s actions sway public opinion – and the prosecution – to see things her way. Check out surveillance pics of her in the store at ET.