Jewelry Store Cashes in On Surveillance Tape, Possibly Blows Case Against Lindsay Lohan

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The store allegedly victimized in the great Lindsay Lohan jewelry store heist may have just blown its credibility and the prosecutors' case against LiLo.

Kamofie & Co. sold the surveillance tape - which Lindsay says backs up her excuse that this was a misunderstanding - to an unknown media outlet.

This is causing fits for the lawyers in the case, particularly the prosecutor.

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NO CREDIBILITY: Both sides may suffer from that problem.

Lindsay's defense is that the necklace was a loan. The jeweler begged to differ. Law enforcement arrested and charged Lohan with felony grand theft.

It boils down to the troubled star's intent, and her credibility will be called into question. After the sale of the surveillance footage, so will Kamofle's.

Convincing a jury that a celebrity misled and victimized you may be a tough sell after they opted to cash in on the notoriety by hawking the footage.

No word on how this will affect plea bargain negotiations.

While her lawyer tries to work a light sentence, Lindsay refuses to do time, but faces an uncertain fate given her longstanding probation. Stay tuned.

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