Glimmer of Hope: Jewelry Store Surveillance Tape Backs Up Lindsay Lohan Story

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Who knows if it will persuade the D.A., but a surveillance video at least partially backs up Lindsay Lohan's account of her infamous, alleged jewel thievery.

The accused felon was in no hurry to bolt Kamofie & Company the day she allegedly ganked the thing, blabbing with the owner for a bit before peacing out.

According to sources who have watched the tape, Lohan wore the $2,500 necklace she's accused of stealing almost the entire time she was in the store.

Casing the Joint?

What goes on in the mind of Lindsay Lohan? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Video clearly shows Lindsay trying on the necklace, checking herself out in the mirror, and appearing to ask her friend and the owner for their opinion.

There is no audio on the tape. Reports say Lindsay took off her own necklace to try on the store's necklace, which she never took off in 45 minutes.

According to sources, before walking out of the store, Lindsay put her own necklace back on, but not in a way that obstructed the store's necklace.

Even better for the train wreck, with the store's necklace still in plain view, Lindsay is seen talking to the owner for a couple of minutes before leaving.

Doesn't sound like the actions of someone that tried to steal a necklace, right? Or is she just that calculating to make it look like a misunderstanding?

In rejecting a plea bargain last week, Lindsay indicated confidence that she will be vindicated by the legal system. Perhaps this is a big reason why.

Of course, a probation violation could land her in jail regardless. This is what happens when you're a total mess and constantly run afoul of the law.

What do you think of her story in light of this report?

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