Jenelle Evans Was Set Up, Attorney Argues

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Following their Sunday night arrest, all three participants in last week's Teen Mom 2-based brawl - Jenelle Evans, Britany Truett and Brittany Maggard - have all been officially charged with disorderly conduct.

They could all face 60 days in prison.

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot

But Evans' attorney, Dustin Sullivan, has already come up with a defense for his perpetually troubled client.

He tells TMZ there's a "serious problem" and it's that Truett, the victim in the brawl, "was paid substantially" for the photos of her injuries and the video that has circulated online.

Why were there multiple cameras present when Jenelle arrived at Britany's house? Why did Truett wait five days to call the cops? Sullivan finds these issues "highly suspicious" and is in the process of interviewing witnesses. He believes Evans has been set up in some way and will take that argument to the jury if the case proceeds.

Of course, none of that changes two facts: Evans threw the first punch and Evans jumped on Truett and continued to pummel her into a pulp, long after Britany had stopped fighting back.


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