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The combination of peer pressure and a raging, violent temper has landed Jenelle Evans in trouble with the law again.

The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested last night for her part in a brawl with Britany Truett, an absolute pummeling that was actually captured on film.

Following charges pressed by Truett, Oak Island Police booked Evans into Brunswick County Jail late Sunday evening for assault and “affray for fighting.” She was then released soon afterward on bond.

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“Based on the information that I have received, I believe Jenelle was set up,” Jenelle’s lawyer hilariously tells TMZ, considering the rumble was caught on camera and Evans clearly throws the first punch.

Meanwhile, police had a warrant for the man over whom Britany and Jenelle were fighting, Kieffer Delp. He was also arrested at Evans’ home and booked on cocaine-related charges.

UPDATE: Truett has also been arrested and charged with simple affray, while another 18-year-old, Brittany Nichole Maggard, was charged with simple assault.

Evans is due in court onApril 26 to answer these charges, which is just the latest in a long line of court dates:

  • She’s scheduled to appear on April 14 for a hearing on drug charges and breaking and entering.
  • And also on April 29 on yet more counts of breaking and entering, injury to real property, trespassing and making harassing phone calls in separate cases.