Brian Farrell: Dating Sonja Morgan!

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What can viewers expect when The Real Housewives of New York City returns with season four on April 7? This preview offers an overall tease.

But let's get more specific: over at least the first two episodes, we'll meet Brian Farrell, a 42-year old artist who grew up in Long Island and is dating cast member Sonja Morgan.

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According to his Facebook page, Farrell grew up with an alcoholic and physically abusive father. He subsequently battled depression and even attempted suicide on more than one occasion.

"Today, I am no longer drinking or take any medications," he writes on that social networking page. "I enjoy a healthy life of yoga, surfing, sleep and diet."

No word on whether or not Farrell is still dating Morgan, but she gushes about him on the premiere:

"We have all these hedge-fund banker friends together. I get my financing from them and they buy his paintings... He comes in these tight white T-shirts with the jeans hanging low."

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