The Real Housewives of Miami Cast Speaks on "Above the Belt" Drama to Come

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Having just recovered from the presence of Jersey Shore, the good folks of The Sunshine State must next deal with The Real Housewives of Miami. We're very sorry for them.

The first season of this new Bravo franchise kicks off on February 22 and the cast members spoke to The Miami New Times this week about what we can expect. Read on for excerpts from the interview...

The Real Housewives of Miami Cast Members

Why did you sign on for this show?
Lea Black: At the time I wasn't sure. And now, I think its become a phenomenon. I think Bravo has created a pop culture phenomenon. At first, I had trepidations about it... It didn't start out as a Housewives show. It kind evolved into one. And I guess, just live life and see what happens. Take your chances and go for it.

What kind of drama can we expect?
Lea: It's going to be fun above the belt drama. I think that Bravo is a master at creating fabulous reality television. I think what they have done is take the best of everything, and make it fun, exciting, and upbeat. There is quite a bit of drama, but I wouldn't say it's hair pulling, table flipping drama. I would say it is a different type of drama. People will be fascinated by the characters.

Compare yourselves to Jersey Shore.
Alexia Echevarria: I mean, we have a completely different cast. The way we carry and behave ourselves is very different too, so I don't think there is any similarities or comparisons when comparing our shows. Except for maybe we showcase Miami the same way they did - the fabulous places, mingling with different people. At the same time, we're putting Miami in a completely different light and in a positive light.

Are you afraid how your friends/family will be portrayed in the media?
Marysol Patton: For me and my clients, it will be great. For my mom, she doesn't go on the Internet or read weeklies, so I don't think she will know what to expect.