Man Dresses Like Vampire, Crushes Wells Fargo

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In true David vs. Goliath fashion, Patrick Rogers of Philadelphia, Pa., triumphed over Wells Fargo after they tried to force him to pay a BS insurance premium.

Pat told Fox and Friends all about how he sucked the life out of Wells Fargo and bled them dry for ... sorry, dude is dressed like a vampire. It's hilarious.

If you can concentrate on the story and not just his fangs, Rogers' tale is one any homeowner will love. He turned the tables on WF and foreclosed on them!

By not responding to his inquires, Wells Fargo violated the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. Rogers was awarded a judgment, which the bank didn't pay.

At that point, Patrick took his crusade against the corporation to another level, beginning foreclosure proceedings on Wells Fargo's office. THEN he got paid.

Score one for the little undead creature of the night guy!