Report: Mel Gibson to Accuse of Oksana Grigorieva of Bribing Witness

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Mel Gibson’s legal team will make the claim that his estranged ex, Oksana Grigorieva, tried to bribe a witness in their ongoing legal battle, reports say.

The witness is relevant in both the ongoing criminal and family cases.

It is not yet known who it is, or what the evidence is to support the bribery allegation, but “Mel claims there was a financial incentive,” a source said.

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A source close to the situation says one of Mel’s lawyers will be meeting with Deputy District Attorney John Lynch to present evidence of the alleged bribe.

Mel denies beating her, as she alleges, but admits in an affidavit to slapping her, claiming she was hysterical and out of control when holding their daughter.

Mel is being investigated for the beating (which she recently said was not isolated, alleging he beat her during sex) and Oksana for alleged extortion of Mel.

Gibson charges that her malicious behavior warrants a loss of custody.

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