Michael Jackson: Too Weak to Perform For Years?

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As we reported earlier, Dr. Conrad Murray is likely to argue at trial on involuntary manslaughter charges that Michael Jackson killed himself.

Now, in addition to MJ accidentally delivering his own coup de grace in the form of a lethal Propofol dose, comes a second component to the theory.

Jackson's weakened state during various tours throughout life - including the 2009 London concerts that never took place - will be a focal point.

This Was It

THIS WAS IT: Jackson never made it on tour in 2009.

There's "compelling evidence" MJ was in poor health whenever he went on tour, sources say, dating back to his Bad and Dangerous albums decades ago.

Jackson was frequently "dehydrated, medicated, and sleep-deprived" and like with Dr. Conrad Murray, had a doctor who accompanied him on the road.

The gist is that grueling concert schedules took a huge toll, leaving him prone to and demanding drugs to sleep, long before Murray was in the picture.

The "This Is It" London tour was especially grueling, because AEG added dozens of concert dates for Michael, who was weaker than ever by last year.

Not only that, the perfectionist was terrified he would fail to live up to expectations and pushed himself even harder to overcompensate for that fear.

This dovetails into the defense theory that MJ was over-medicated and reduced to a shell of his former self after years spent under enormous pressure.

By the time last spring rolled around, he couldn't sleep he relied on Propofol to do the trick, and became increasingly frustrated when it did not work.

The defense believes that when Dr. Murray walked out of the room June 25 and Jackson woke up, he accidentally infused himself with the fatal dose.

What do you think? Is there any chance that's true? Is that enough for reasonable doubt, or should Murray pay the price regardless?

Here's a clip of Michael rehearsing for a performance of "Human Nature" on his ill-fated tour. Does he look a bit wobbly or weak to anyone else?

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