THG Presents: Celebrity Mistresses of the Year!

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Where would THG be without good cheating scandals? Sure, these women are trashy beyond belief, but boy do they keep things interesting with their sexting, locking themselves in closets, making up sex tape rumors and such.

We despise them. And applaud their efforts. Below are THG's esteemed finalists for the Rachel Uchitel Award as the top celebrity mistress of 2010 ...

Michelle McGee Picture

Two of Tiger Woods' more disgusting, entertaining mistresses.

Devon and Joslyn James. Yes, we know Tiger Woods' mistresses are soo 2009. But Devon James and Joslyn James (no blood relation, LOTS of sexual relations) simply refused to crawl back in the hole from whence they came.

Brittney Jones. Ashton Kutcher's alleged mistress is relentless. That much cannot be disputed. Every time her accusations are shot down, she comes up with even more ridiculous ones. Threesomes, sex tapes ... snuff films may be next.

Erin Barry. She may not be an actual mistress, but when you're sexting Tony Parker and that's why he gets divorced from Eva Longoria, you're on the list.

Jasmine Waltz. A star-stalking pro if ever there were one. At least she said that David Arquette was only mediocre in the sack, though. Props there.

Capri Anderson. The porn star/stripper/escort/whatever she is co-starred in Charlie Sheen's now-infamous hotel meltdown, and having witnessed this chapter of his downward spiral, promptly moved to cash in with a lawsuit.

He may countersue for extortion. $h!t happens when you're Charlie Sheen.

Capri (left) and Bombshell. Neither needs a second name.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Not only is she the year's trashiest, her scandal was the most shocking, breaking up Jesse James and Sandra Bullock.

Add on her very special way with words, her soft porn tendencies, all the tattoos and having the audacity to blab non-stop about James for months?

It's hard to see how anyone else could even compete. But you tell us, celebrity gossip junkies: Who was your favorite celebrity mistress of 2010?

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