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Kim Zociak is pregnant and pretty much engaged to Kroy Biermann.

But The Real Housewives of Atlanta asked viewers to ignore this current fact last night and go back in time to when Kim was pretending to be a lesbian with Tracy Young. Our critic has all the details in this review of the episode titled “Auto Tuned-Up.”

Following the explosive events of last week, this week’s drag race was relatively tame.  Kim calls “gal pal” Tracy and invites her to come down to Atlanta and hold her hand while she goes back in for some vocal lessons from Jan Smith.  Kim swore she’d never step foot in her studio again but given the fact that she promised Kandi she’d work on her “singing,” Kim has no choice. 

Sheree decides she’s going to further her “acting” career by maybe doing a play for free, getting an agent and getting some headshots.

Stressed out about his restaurant, 50-year-old Peter is becoming more and more annoyed by Nene’s constant presence in his and Cynthia’s lives.  Cynthia is just being a good friend and lending Nene her ear while she deals with Gregg’s betrayal, but 50-year-old Peter doesn’t see it that way. 

Annoyed because he feels he has to make an appointment with his own fiancee to speak to her, he wants Cynthia’s undivided attention.  50-year-old Peter advises Cynthia not to get too caught up in Nene’s marital drama.  He lays down the law: no more Nene when I’m in the house!  Prickly Pete needs to chill out.

Kandi goes on radio station V-103 with her manager, Michael Maudlin, to let everyone know she’ll be competing with Sheree in a drag race.   Kandi will be racing her souped-up Mercedes against Sheree’s Aston Martin.  Okay.  Why and where this is coming from? No one has a clue.

Kim and Tracy meet with Jan to work on “The Ring Don’t Mean A Thing.”  Jan attempts to once again whip some human sound out of Kim.  Tone deaf much? Jan is able to gleam a tiny bit of usable vocals from Kim, but it’s definitely an uphill battle.

Nene’s become a virtual hermit these days due to her marital meltdown, so when her friend, Diana, stops by, she’s able to convince Nene to go to the speedway with her to catch Kandi and Sheree’s race.  Nene’s sick of people and hopes she doesn’t run into 50-year-old Peter’s attitude, but agrees to go.

Phaedra and Apollo enlist photographer Spark St. Jude to capture the essence of baby Aydan in a family portrait. Baby Aydan’s essence involves exploding poop all over Phaedra’s hand, but the pictures actually turn out to be really cute.

Kim practices “The Ring Don’t Mean A Thing” in the studio with Kandi.  Kim is Kandi’s opening act for Kandi’s upcoming tour.  Yikes!  Kim’s recent “great” session with Jan has her pumped, though.  Jan shows up and tells Kim to dial down the “Jim Carrey” since Kim is oversinging and making rubber faces that would scare a cat.  Looks like we’re in a for a long night.

Sheree goes to her agent audition and ends up having to read lines in front of what looks like the entire agency.  Sheree’s read is stunted and about as wooden as the doorframe, but she’s confident she did well.  She’s ready to take her career to the next level.  Off-Broadway via Antarctica, perhaps?

Kandi and Sheree go to the speedway for their drag race competition.  Everyone’s surprised that Kim shows up with Tracy. Kim has Sweetie, her assistant, whisk Tracy away when she sees that the ladies are starting to grill Tracy.  Well, what did Kim expect?  Kandi’s keeping out of this mess.  Everyone’s surprised to see Nene there, as well.  50-year-old Peter acts standoffish towards Nene, which hurts and pisses Nene off.  Where’s the love, Prickly Pete?

The drag race takes place.  Sheree wins.  Kandi’s a sore loser.  Something about cones and lights.  It was over before it began.

NeNe was in a bad mood at the racetrack – understandable given the fact that her husband of 14 years has stabbed her in the back – and takes it out on Peter.

The tension is ratched up a notch when on the car ride home, Nene calls Cynthia and attacks 50-year-old Peter for being rude to her.  Cynthia defends Nene.  Uh-oh.  Is NeNe throwing a wrench into Cynthia and Peter’s relationship?

Auto-tune in next week to find out!