Teen Mom Stars Raking in the Cash

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Teen Mom has turned a bunch of ordinary knocked up girls into quasi-stars, but how much do Farrah Abraham and her ilk make to air their troubles on TV?

According to reports, the Teen Moms bring in $60,000-65,000 per season. Not even close to the amount Snooki and The Situation command, but not bad.

As for whether the babies themselves are covered, that's trickier.

Farrah's salary is a nice boost to her modeling income.

There's a chance that the parents have opened trust accounts for the kiddos, but not necessarily. That would entail them being intelligent, not required to by law.

The Coogan Law, named for former child star Jackie Coogan, protects child actors in several states, requiring employers to set aside 15 percent in a trust.

But laws covering actors aren't generally seen as covering reality stars' offspring. So Amber Portwood is free to use her checks on legal fees or trashy tattoos.

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