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In a rare interview with lamestream media outlet ABC, Sarah Palin sat down with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts Friday to talk about taxes, government gettin’ outta the way, Barack Obama flip floppin’ and all sortsa other stuff.

She also took a shot (not literally) at Aaron Sorkin.

CARIBOU KILLER: Palin makes no apologies.

Animal rights activist group PETA called Palin out after she shot a caribou on her TLC show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, but she says at least that could be sincere.

Sorkin calling her a witless bully, comparing her to Michael Vick and saying she killed the animal for political gain, on the other hand, has her all fired up.

Sarah Palin responded to Sorkin’s statement, telling Roberts that “We eat, therefore we hunt – and I am thankful that I get to feed my kids organic food.”

“He’s got some of those high powered rifles in some of his movies and TV shows though. I think those are aimed at human beings. Mine is aimed at dinner.”

Of her critics, she says, “If they don’t wear leather shoes and a belt and drive a car with leather seats and they eat no meat, then they have somethin’ to say.”

“And I can listen to them when they say, ‘How dare you kill an animal to feed a family?’ because they don’t participate in that. At least they’re sincere about it.”

“I’d say 99% of the critics, you know, they’re wearin’ leather belts and they’re eatin’ their hamburgers – and they’re gonna tell me it’s immoral or not the right thing to do to go out and actually harvest that resource, that piece of protein myself?”

There you have it, folks. Aaron Sorkin? Owned.

Is it right? Team Sarah or Team PETA?