Ronnie Magro Ready to Throw Down in Vegas

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Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore is going all out.

For his 25th birthday party this weekend, Ron-Ron has over $11,000 worth of Grey Goose and Dom Perignon ready to flow like water. By the end of the night, he'll be incoherent, hooking up with 2-3 girls and starting fights.

Ron Ron

Oh wait, that's every time he goes out ...

It's an event you don't want to miss.

As soon as Ronnie Magro sits down at his VIP table at Jet nightclub in Vegas, he'll get two magnum bottles of Goose ($950 each) and five of Dom ($1,875 each).

It's a slight step up from Ron-Ron Juice for the big night.

That's a grand total of $11,275, but the nightclub is comping it, not to worry. Joining Ron will be girlfriend Sammi Giancola, who will undoubtedly act like a b!tch.


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Sammi and Ronnie
Ronnie Magro stars on Jersey Shore on MTV. He is a muscle-bound hothead but a softie at heart. He's currently dating Sammi from the show.... More »
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