Sonja Morgan: In Debt, Angry at John Travolta

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Don't worry, Teresa Giudice. You aren't the only member of the Real Housewives franchise who is an idiot with money.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sonja Morgan filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday, listing $19.8 million in debt and $13.5 million in assets on her petition. We'll give you a moment to let those numbers sink in...

Sonja on the Mic

"The decision to seek bankruptcy was not an easy one, but unfortunately, I am at a crossroads in my life," wrote the 46-year-old Bravo star, who was arrested for DUI this summer, in court papers.

So, what role does John Travolta play in this?

Morgan blames her mounting debt on a failed film venture with Hannibal Pictures Inc.

She says she threw a lot of money into the production of Fast Flash to Bang Time, but the movie never began shooting because Travolta required "various conditions" that producers were unable to meet.

Moreover, Morgan's court documents cite her "bitter" divorce from her husband as a cause for her financial problems, adding to the overall point: anyone except Sonja Morgan herself is to blame for this, people!

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