Randy Quaid: Canada Saved My Life!

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Increasingly crazy actor Randy Quaid says if it wasn’t for Canada's refugee system, he and his wife Evi would be dead. Thanks to the star whackers, natch.

Quaid made this comment as he entered his immigration and refugee board hearing in Vancouver, B.C. The couple faces an outstanding warrant in the U.S.

"If it wasn't for Canada's refuge system, my wife and I would be dead," Randy told CKNW Vancouver, adding that he "feels good" despite the drama.

BRINGING THE CRAZY: No one does it like the Quaids.

The strange couple, wanted for squatting in a home they used to own in California, is claiming refugee status because of a bizarre theory that they're in danger.

According to Randy and Evi Quaid, a random, roving gang of hooligans is hell-bent on ruining the lives of and/or murdering famous people such as themselves.

The situation became even stranger after the board determined that Evi Quaid could claim Canadian citizenship because her father was born in Canada.

Today's hearing will establish if Randy may remain in Canada. We sort of hope he can, for his sake, even if it'd be more entertaining if he came home.