A Royal Frenzy: Tabloids Concoct Coverage of Kate Middleton and Prince William Engagement

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What's the only development that will get tabloids in more of a frenzy than rumors of an engagement between Kate Middleton and Prince William? That's easy:

An actual Kate Middleton and Prince William engagement.

Following months of speculation over whether this couple was broken up or already wedding planning, trashy magazines scrambled this week to find some unique angle on the fact that Kate and William are simply happy, together and engaged. Let's see what they came up with:

The Real Kate
Making of a Princess
A Wedding Special

From stories on the "real" Kate (newsflash: she wears a bikini sometimes!) to inside dish on how Middleton has been molded into a princess, these publications claim to have it all. To wit:

Us Weekly reports Kate has received "royal assistance" for years, including lessons on the paparazzi-filled life of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Says Katie Nicholl, author of "William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls."

"About three years ago, palace staff started showing Kate video of Diana. Video of her getting out of a car and paparazzi going berserk, so that Kate would know how to deal with it. Now, she already knows how this works."

One of Kate's first lessons in this world: don't speak to tabloids such as Us Weekly.

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