The Hangover 2 Cast to Mel Gibson: You're Fired!

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It looked like Mel Gibson's cameo in The Hangover 2 would mark his return to the big screen after a tumultuous year. But instead it was just a big headache.

Despite approval from the studio, plans to feature the troubled actor in the sequel to the hit film were axed after some people objected. Gee, wonder why ...

"I thought Mel would have been great in the movie," director Todd Phillips said.

R.I.P. Mel Gibson's career (1976-2010).

"But, I realize filmmaking is always a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew."

It's unclear who objected to Gibson's involvement in The Hangover 2, but we doubt it was a short list. After all, he's offended pretty much everyone.

When you're a raging misogynist, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, hate-spewing psychopath making death threats your ex, the bases are covered.

On the flip side, Mike Tyson of all people appeared in the original Hangover. He's a convicted rapist, yet somehow this was kosher with producers.

Hypocrisy? Or the cast and crew's right to decide for itself? You decide. Vote in our poll below: Should Mel have lost his role in The Hangover 2?


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