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Squaring off with Oksana Grigorieva in their custody fight, Mel Gibson teared up on the stand Wednesday about how much he loves Lucia and his other children.

Mel’s voice cracked as he talked about the daughter he shares with Oksana, who was also present, during his testimony. Lucia just celebrated her first birthday.

Oksana wants Judge Scott Gordon to strip Mel of overnight visits with Lucia, saying whenever the baby stays the night at Mel’s, she comes back “acting funny.” 

Mel has issues, but he’s fighting hard for custody of his daughter.

Oksana did not get specific as to what “funny” meant.

On cross examination Mel’s lawyers played video of Oksana talking to People and other media outlets, asking directly if that’s really appropriate for Lucia:

“Do you think by talking to the media you are looking out for the best interests of Lucia?” She was also grilled about talking to TMZ, who reported this story.

Oksana’s lawyers tried to get the judge to invalidate the couple’s mediation agreement from May (which Oksana now disavows), but Gordon shut them down.

That issue wasn’t before the court, he said. The next court date is November 22, during which Grigorieva will take the stand for further cross-examination.

Mel’s ex-girlfriend alleges Gibson cheated on her and committed violent acts against her, allegations that have not been substantiated – at least by the law.

In addition to attaining sole custody of Lucia, Oksana wants the judge to order Mel to seek therapy. So far, Gordon has been unmoved by such requests.

Whose side are you on?