Lady Gaga Cries in Concert in Poland, Calls Out "Trendy" Counterparts

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It's not often you see Lady Gaga reduced to tears on stage. The two main talking points from the pop star's impromptu concert address in Poland Friday ...

  • Her upcoming album, Born This Way, will be the best of the decade.
  • She's sick of the whole let-your-freak-flag-fly trend in pop culture.

"The funny thing is some people reduce freedom to a brand," Gaga said, crying.

"They think that it's trendy now to be free. They think it's trendy to be excited about your identity. In truth, there is nothing trendy about Born This Way."

Gaga has long been a vocal advocate for gay rights, but is this personal? Is there a hint of jealousy at "her" message being co-opted by other celebrities?

The bulk of Lady Gaga's speech sounded like a direct response to the handful of empowerment songs female pop stars have released in recent months.

From Pink's "Raise Your Glass" to Katy Perry's "Firework" and Ke$ha's "We R Who We R," many singers seem to be siding with the underdogs lately.

The wig and lipstick comments may be a shot at Nicki Minaj, who has embraced a gay fan base, and donned an assortment of out-there hairpieces.

No one here's questioning the motives of Pink, Katy or Ke$ha, and Gaga likely isn't either, but you can't help but wonder if she's feeling a bit left out.

After all, those artists performed at the American Music Awards before Born This Way was even released. Is Gaga trying to take back the message?

This is a girl who's donned a meat dress, done countless PSAs, even embraced hermaphrodite rumors about herself. But can't others join the party?

You tell us: Was Lady Gaga weeping because she feels so strongly about her fans and her causes, or for selfish reasons? A combination of the two?


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