Kate Middleton and Prince William: Officially Engaged!

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It's been a rumor for months, but it's now an official Royal announcement: Kate Middleton and Prince William are engaged.

The two have been together for years, with a couple brief break-ups along the way. Already regulars in the pages of supermarket tabloids, Kate and William can expect even more coverage as they move toward a wedding that's scheduled to take place some time in 2011.

Royal Engagement?
Royal Romance

Ahead for Kate Middleton and Prince William: love, marriage... and $20 billion.

William proposed during a vacation in Kenya last month. He has informed the Queen of his intentions and also sought permission from Middleton's father.

In part, the official statement by Great Britain reads:

The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton.

The wedding will take place in the Spring or Summer of 2011, in London. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course.

Following the marriage, the couple will live in north Wales, where Prince William will continue to serve with the Royal Air Force.

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