Bristol Palin & Maci Bookout: Teen Mom BFF Alert!

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You know the old saying: Young moms who only became celebrities because they did not practice safe sex as teens gotta stick together forever!

Yup, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and Bristol Palin are pals.

Bristol Palin, Teen Mom

"We are good friends," says Tennessee native Maci, who forged a bond with Bristol the Alaskan Pistol at teen motherhood and abstinence events.

Maci Bookout and Bristol Palin: Who would you ... forget it.

"We're friends outside of... TV and the press," Maci Bookout says, calling it a normal friendship. "We more talk about our kids and our babies' dads and stuff."

Bet those conversations involve a good amount of venting. Their former fiances? Not on the best terms. Their sons are just a few months apart, too.

Bentley, Bookout's son with ex Ryan Edwards, just turned two; Tripp, Palin's boy with Wasilla mayoral hopeful Levi Johnston, turns two next month.

Asked how close her friendship with Bristol Palin is, Maci replied, "We definitely keep in touch and make sure everything is good with each other."

As for rumors that Palin didn't want any Teen Mom stars in the audience for Dancing with the Stars, where she's on the cusp of making the finals?

"I definitely don't think it's true," says Bookout, who attended a recent taping of the ABC smash that Palin has somehow lasted until the top four on.

"It was actually a lot of fun - upbeat and hyper!"

Another report claims the duo will team up for a spin-off reality show. Also bogus, Bookout insists; Palin even joked about the rumor with a text.

"She was like, 'So, I was just wondering how our new show is going,'" Bookout says, shrugging her shoulders at the idea. "We just laugh about it."

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