Did Oksana Lie About Mel Gibson Abuse?

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She says he's an abusive monster, but verbal abuse aside, there's been scant proof of any physical attacks, with a whole lot of credibility issues raised.

Case in point? A pediatrician who examined the child of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva the day after their fight saw no evidence Lucia was injured.

That's contrary to Oksana's claims that Mel hit both of them.

MEL VS. OKSANA: The search for the truth continues.

Dr. Linda Nussbaum, who examined Lucia January 7, never mentioned an injury to the baby's chin, which Oksana now claims Mel Gibson inflicted.

Dr. Nussbaum says, "...I did not see any symptoms of trauma, abuse, bruising, redness or injury on her face, head or elsewhere on her body."

Makes you wonder.

Oksana is alleging Mel struck and injured the child during an explosive argument. The Mel Gibson tapes were recorded about a month afterward.

Dr. Nussbaum says at the time, "Ms. Grigorieva did not state to me that Lucia had suffered any trauma, abuse or injury of any kind." Interesting.

Furthermore, Mel's side believes a photo Oksana Grigorieva is using in the custody case - showing a mark on Lucia's chin - has been doctored.

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