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Mark Palin of the UK’s Daily Mail already had the coolest golf photo ever. In a one-in-a-million shot (in more ways than one), Tiger Woods duffed a chip right into him.

But the true brilliance of this image from the Ryder Cup wasn’t the errant pitch from Woods (who won the match), but the dude in the background on the far right.

World, meet Tiger Woods Cigar Guy.

Tiger Woods Celebrates
(Getty Images)

Amazingly, Tiger Woods really hit this shot – and Cigar Guy really saw it.

While the miraculous image of the ball heading straight at the camera first grabbed public’s interest, it was a mystery cigar-chomping fan who really seized it.

The photograph has become a sensation, and Tiger Woods Cigar Guy, whoever he is, has been parodied across the web. Follow the jump to see what we mean …


INTERNET LEGEND: Cigar Guy truly is the man. There’s no disputing this. We’re just waiting for the doctored pic of him, Devon James and Joslyn James in a threesome.