Tamra Barney and Jeana Keough Stage Wild Brawl at Real Housewives Wrap Party

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Two Real Housewives got into one fake fight at a wrap party over the weekend.

Angry at Jeana Keough for giving defaming, inaccurate interviews about her over the last few weeks, Tamra Barney reportedly tried to hand her castmate a cease and  desist letter at a Vicky Gunvalson-hosted gathering on Saturday night.

But witnesses told Radar Online the scene turned into "an out-of-control bar" confrontation after Keough refused to accept the document.

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Jeana Keough Photo

“Jeana said to Tamra, ‘You're a bitch and I’m gonna throw you’re ass in the pool. 'Then she pushed Tamra, as if she was trying to throw her in the pool," said the onlooker, adding that Barney responded by tossing a wine glass at her nemesis.

From there, Keough threw her wine glass at Tamra, only to miss and hit another party goer, who proceeded to slam Jeana against a wall!

You won't believe it, but Bravo was on hand to chronicle the entire brawl.

“If the cameras caught half of what happened Saturday night it’s going to be the craziest episode of Real Housewives anyone has ever seen,” said a witness, clearly coming up with the commercial we'll all be seeing in a few weeks.

The totally staged fight allegedly stems from an interview Jeana gave about Tamra's ex-husband, Simon Barney, with whom Keough remains friends.

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