PETA to Lindsay: Go Veg and Go Debt Free!

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PETA has made an enticing offer to Lindsay Lohan. If the troubled actress agrees to give up meat, the animal rights group will agree to take over her rehab bill!

That's gonna be one big ass bill too!

After hearing that Lindsay, who was ordered back to rehab instead of jail last week, has fallen on "tough economic times" as a result, PETA wrote this letter ...

Lost Her Marbles

Should Lindsay go vegetarian? It could be worth a lot to her ...

"Dear Lindsay, we understand that you've fallen on tough economic times, so we're writing to you with an offer that we sincerely hope you'll consider."

"PETA will pay your bill for substance addiction treatment if you'll rid yourself of one more toxic substance: meat. A crucial part of recovery is showing charity to others. One way to do this is to be kind to animals, the Earth, and your body."

"You'll never regret it."

"When animals are crammed together on factory farms, disease spreads fast, so cows, chickens, and other animals are fed large amounts of antibiotics to make them grow quickly and keep them alive in filthy conditions that would otherwise kill them."

"A clean, tasty vegan diet provides all the nutrients you need, minus contaminants, saturated fat, and cholesterol that are found in animal flesh, eggs, and dairy foods. Vegans also have stronger immune systems than meat-eaters."

"Please let us know if you'd like to take us up on our offer."

Somehow we don't see it happening. Though who knows, Lindsay Lohan did ditch one kind of meat in favor of a change of pace, if you know what we mean.

We mean dudes, in favor of vadge. Not quite veg, but close!

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