Michael Lohan: Dina Sucks at Parenting Too!

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In response to Lindsay Lohan's conclusion in rehab that he is the root of all her issues, Michael Lohan says that ... well, Dina Lohan is no prize herself!

Given a history of violence, prison stints, overall bad behavior and relentless quest for fame and money at his kid's expense, Lindsay is pretty spot-on.

Still, rather than manning up, Michael Lohan tells TMZ that his ex-wife and Linds' mom, Dina, was violent as his little girl was growing up, scarring her.

HAPPY DAZE: Things weren't always so bad. Actually, yes they were.

The d-bag claims that when Lindsay was four, Dina was arguing with his mom and Dina allegedly smashed a telephone across his dear old mother's face.

Six stitches for grandma and countless rehab trips for granddaughter.

He also says Dina lost her $h!t one time so bad, she jumped across two beds and accidentally knocked herself out while attempting to attack him. Oookay.

Furthermore, it was Dina's idea to leave Lindsay in Hollywood at such a young age, even though LiLo had a stalker, making her the worst parent ever.

Hard to argue with that last part if nothing else. A Dina source says: "This is absolutely not true. She will not respond to anything Michael Lohan says."

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