Kanye West Reveals Contemplating Suicide

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Whether he's producing hit music, hijacking Taylor Swift speeches or ranting about his banned album cover, Kanye West always tells you how he feels.

Even when he isn't feeling so great about himself.

While premiering his new film Runaway at a press event last night, the rapper revealed that he had, at one point, contemplated taking his own life.

"There were times that I contemplated suicide," a reflective West told the crowd, adding that he is now certain, "I will not give up on life again."

On what drives Kanye to carry on, West said: "There's so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard... I do it for them."

West did not reveal when his life-taking thoughts occurred, and whether his low point came during this past tumultuous year or earlier in his life.

He did, however, reveal that he has struggled in having to bury three parental figures, including mother Donda West, in the past three years.

"Everything has been taken away from me," the 33-year-old said.

Earlier this week, his return to the fore of pop culture included rumors of Kanye West nude pics and a stop at the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

There, he admitted taking time away for introspection last fall.

"I left America," he explained of his suddenly MIA whereabouts immediately after Taylor Swift-gate. "I stopped doing music all together."

"I took some time. I went to Japan just so I could get away from paparazzi. Then in November I moved to Rome and lived there and when I came back to the states I moved to Hawaii. I lived there for about six months and just worked on music."

The time away was much needed, as it allowed the rapper, for the first time, to truly mourn his beloved mother's much-publicized passing.

"I had never stopped and tried to even soak in what all had happened. It was time to take a break and develop more as a person as a creator and focus more on my thoughts and my ideas and what I wanted to bring to the world."

"For your world to crash off of a moment of sincerity or alcohol or whatever it is ... I feel in some ways I'm a soldier of culture. I realize no one wants that to be my job and I'll never go onstage again. I'll never sit in an awards show again."

"Will I feel convicted about things that meant stuff to culture that constantly get denied? I'm sorry I will. I cannot lie about it to sell records."

That's Kanye for you. If nothing else, very forthright.


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