Homeowner Plans Public Humiliation of Octomom

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The dude who owns Octomom's house is not only going to legally reclaim it if she doesn't pay up, he plans to publicly humiliate the mother of 14 in the process.

Nadya Suleman has to pay off her massive debt - more than $450,000 - in three days. Amer Haddadin is sick of being d!cked around by Octo and her lawyers, too.

As a result, he's already planning the news conference for October 9 to tell everyone about how terrible of a resident and person the future welfare recipient is.


FORECLOSURE: It's coming, and it's gonna hurt for Nads.

Of course, all Nadya has to do to avoid this terrible scenario is pay up. Easier said than done, of course, when you're on the hook for nearly half a million bucks.

Our advice? Just get naked, pay off the California mortgage loan and move on. It's not like porn can hurt the reputation of someone nobody respects anyway.

Clock's tickin', babe.

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