Octomom Won't Get Naked to Pay the Mortgage

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She may be desperately in need of cash, but Nadya Suleman has principles.

Time's running out as Octomom and her 14 children face foreclosure if she can't meet a balloon California mortgage payment - $450,000 by October 9 - but she flat-out refuses to take the easy way out and whore herself for money.

Not that anyone has asked, but way to stick to your guns, Nads.

Broke Ass Nads

Octomom is a principled individual. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

"I'm just trying to do what's best to save my home and feed my children," says Nadya, who is going on welfare. "I will never pose nude to save my house. I'm a good mother and my kids come first. We will get through this."

Instead, Suleman held a yard sale in homes of raising a hundred grand this week. Yes, included in the sale was everything she owns, including the swimsuit she wore on the cover of Star and a signed pair of panties she wore while pregnant.


A huge Los Angeles Lakers fan, she's also parting ways with a signed Kobe Bryant jersey. That item was of interest to many spectators and sold for a whopping $120.

Other items include the couch she sat on when she announced she was pregnant, a red bra with gummy bear stains on it, lingerie, her kids' old clothes and so forth.

Nadya Suleman also made money at the event by charging $10 to have a photo taken with her. It'll take a lot of photos to get to half a million bucks, but way to go.

"I know Octomom was doing this for her kids but it was still sad to see her put her belongings up for sale," onlooker Raymond Powell told Radar Online. "I wish her the very best and hope she and her kids can somehow save their home."

NOTE: Do not have 14 kids if you have no job. The math doesn't add up.

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