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When it was initially revealed that Wayne Rooney cheated on his wife with a high-priced call girl – get all the sordid details HERE – a friend claimed the soccer star was “in ruins” over the outing.

But if that was the case before, new reports indicate Rooney has changed his tune. Dramatically.

Sources tell The Daily Mail that Rooney simply laughs off the idea of wife Coleen divorcing him. The striker reportedly scoffs at how his in-laws are all “living a very nice life off the back of his talent” and believes:

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“If she can’t handle it and [the marriage is] over, so be it. Seems he thinks he can pretty much do what the hell he likes because they’d all be nothing without him.”

As she ponders her future, Coleen and the couple’s ten-month-old son, Kai, are believed to be staying with her parents in Formby, Merseyside.

Prostitute Jennifer Thompson has been surprisingly open about her trysts with Rooney, detailing where they had sex and how he never tried to conceal the relationship. Such openness is a stark contrast to the ways in which Tiger Woods tried to buy the silence of flings such as Rachel Uchitel.

Insiders say Rooney didn’t feel especially bad about his actions when talking to his wife.

“He didn’t try and wriggle out of it. He just said he wished it had never happened,” a friend says. “Coleen was devastated and that devastation has turned to anger.”

This isn’t the first time Rooney has cheated on Coleen – but it is the first time he did so when she was pregnant. An acquaintance says Coleen’s “days of having to put up with humiliation are over” and she plans to leave him. Let’s hope she does, taking a big chunk of Rooney’s money in the process.