THG Exclusive Interview: Audrina Patridge Dishes on Dancing With the Stars!

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Reality TV is nothing new for The Hills alum Audrina Patridge, but ballroom dancing in front of 20 million viewers is harder than being filmed shopping at the Grove.

Despite early jitters, on Monday's premiere of Dancing With the Stars, she finished in a tie for fifth with a respectable 19 points and lived to tango another week.

Audrina was kind enough to speak exclusively with The Hollywood Gossip this week about taking part in ABC's smash hit dance competition. Here's our Q&A ...

Iman and Daniella

Audrina Patridge and partner Tony Dovolani.

THG: Which type of dance is your favorite so far?

Audrina Patridge: So far, I have only learned the Cha-Cha – and it’s so fun! It’s all about your hips, and the movements are very precise! Next week we are doing the quickstep, and I’m looking forward to trying that! I also can’t wait to try the jive.

THG: What is your biggest insecurity going into a competition like this?

Audrina: Performing in front of a live audience! I have never done anything like this before – so that was a huge fear. I was so worried I would freeze up on stage, or forget my steps, or trip! When they told me and Tony that we’d be opening the show, I had a moment of panic! Thankfully, I got through that hurdle just fine and I think each week I’ll be more comfortable out there.

THG: Did you ever think you'd be in a dance competition?

Audrina: I didn’t! I love to dance, but I never thought I’d be doing something like this! My little sister Samantha competes a lot in cheerleading, so I’m definitely used to the competitive spirit and I see all that goes into her rehearsals, and the work it takes to perfect a routine. I also host an online talent competition on, but they don’t have a dance category (yet), so this is my first experience with ballroom dancing.

THG: Who do you think is your strongest competitor?

Audrina: At this point, I think each couple is a contender! Everyone has their own unique style out there, and it’s so fun to watch the other couples’ routines. I do have to say that Brandi, Rick Fox, and Jennifer Grey are fabulous dancers.

THG: Did you and Tony get along right off the bat?

Audrina: Yes! Tony and I clicked immediately. He is the best partner – he’s patient, but he really knows how to push me and encourage me. I am so lucky to have been paired with him.

THG: Why do you think you're going to win DWTS?

Audrina: I am putting 150% of myself into this competition. I have never worked so hard at anything in my life - 6-10 hour rehearsals, 6 days a week. I am dreaming in 4-counts!  But truthfully, more than anything, I really love what I’m learning and I’m having a blast. Even if I don’t win, this will be one of the best experiences of my life!

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