Lindsay Lohan May Be Locked Up Friday

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Lindsay Lohan may very well be calling a jail cell home as soon as Friday.

After failing two drug tests, and this being her second probation hearing in three months, you can sort of see the penal system's side of the story there.

A bench warrant has been issued and her probation will be formally revoked Friday morning. Once it is, Lohan will likely have to wait for a full hearing.

Lindsay On Her Way

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During the time between Friday and that event, "Lindsay could be remanded directly into custody" pending the probation violation hearing, sources say.

It's very possible that Judge Elden Fox will do that. Why?

"Last time, she was allowed to remain free on bail last time until her probation violation hearing, but Judge Fox probably won't give her that privilege because of her failed drug test, and this is her second probation violation hearing in three months."

Hard to argue with that.

"By remanding her, Lindsay would stay behind bars until the probation violation hearing, she wouldn't allowed to get out early," the source continued.

"The probation violation hearing could be set for the following week, or up to 30 days from then. Lindsay could remain behind bars during that time."

Lindsay is also looking at even more jail time after the probation violation hearing, thanks to testing positive for cocaine - a clear probation violation.

Sources close to the actress report: "Lindsay is extremely despondent ... She is trying to put on a brave face, but she knows that she is in hot water."

Judge Marsha Revel sentenced Lindsay Lohan to jail for 90 days and to 90 days' rehab at UCLA Medical Center; she served only a fraction of each.

You saw how that worked out. What do you think the new judge should do after all this? Should Lindsay Lohan be sent back to jail?


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