Lindsay Lohan May Actually Beat the Rap Again

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Lindsay Lohan actually has a chance of beating the rap for her failed drug tests and apparent probation violations after catching a break, according to a TMZ report.

The second test Lindsay failed last week showed a positive reading for Adderall, but the L.A. County Probation Department is not recommending jail time for that.

Even more significantly, the Probation Department wants her in the slammer for 30 day for the first failed drug test, indicating a positive reading for cocaine.

Putting on a Show in Court

Here's the thing. If Judge Elden Fox sentences her to 30 days in jail for the cocaine violation, Lindsay would likely be released the same day due to overcrowding.

That's typical for a non-violent offender, but we saw how effective her early release was last time, and come on. At this point, it's embarrassing for the system.

Judge Fox's other option is to deny bail, throw her in jail and schedule a hearing within 30 days. Basically, she'd have to sit in a cell for a month waiting.

Once the hearing arrived, she'd likely be sentenced and then released immediately due to overcrowding or time served, but that's exactly the point being made.

The judge would really be sticking it to Lindsay Lohan by pulling that, but it happens frequently when one wants to make sure a defendant actually does time.

After all, once she's in jail, it's in the hands of the correctional facility. Will the judge stand firm on this one or let her stake? Friday should be very interesting.

What do you think? Lock her up or cut her loose?


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