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It was made official this summer: Kellan Lutz has the best male beach body on the planet.

But while the Twilight Saga star is happy to possess such chiseled abs and well-defined pectoral muscles, he says he wants to be known for more than just his drool-inducing physique.

Kellan Lutz wants to be known for more than a six-pack, nicely sculpted pecs and… sorry, where were we?

“It’s nice to be one of the guys that can help sell a movie by taking his shirt off,” Lutz says in the latest issue of Us Weekly. “[But] by no means do I want to be a piece of meat for the rest of my career.”

Every time he’s on a talk show, the actor adds, “they follow it up with requesting you take your shirt off.” Conversely, Tila Tequila gets the exact opposite direction everywhere she goes.

While those abs really are impressive, so is the work Lutz does off screen.

He and girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord recently helped out with the St. Bernard Project, where he helped build five houses in New Orleans for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Is that something co-star Robert Pattinson might be interested in? Kellan laughed at that suggestion and gave his pal a good-natured jab: “I would have to take video of Rob trying to hammer a nail, he might hurt himself.”