Danielle Staub Will Get Whacked, Kevin Maher Predicts

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She's a prostitute, she's a porn star, and she's also the mother of two. - Kevin Maher on ex-wife Danielle Staub

On her upcoming WealthTV show, Danielle Staub will take viewers into the lives of the ultra rich and famous. But, in reality, no series could possibly be any more interesting than the life of Staub herself.

The former Real Housewife of New Jersey is being sued by ex-husband Kevin Maher because he's upset she accused him of rape and other evil deeds. In an interview with E! News, Maher said October 5 will be Danielle's day of reckoning, as her court-mandated deposition will expose the truth about this "pathological liar."


Is Danielle Staub's time on this planet almost up? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline]

Now, Maher is saying A LOT more about his ex.

"It's not safe being around her," he told that same network, referring to the fact that Staub turned on a member of a Colombian drug cartel. "She's a very dangerous woman. I am of the belief that she will get murdered."

Among other allegations, Staub has said Maher killer her dog and forced himself insider her... on top of broken glass.

"It was a horrific thing being called a rapist," Maher said. "She did that in a calculating, diabolical way to hurt me... What kind of woman would make those allegations?. Look at what she is: She's a prostitute, she's a porn star, and she's also the mother of two."

Referring to Danielle's history as a drug-dealing hooker (she has admitted to being a "call girl), Maher concluded:

"The Medellin drug cartel did not forget what she did and they are outraged that she had the nerve to go on national television, flaunt her wealth. And basically, what she's saying when she did that is, ‘It's OK, everyone that is thinking of flipping on the Medellin drug cartel, just look at me. I'm living the good life here. I have my own television show. They didn't touch me.'

"I think that sends a dangerous signal to everyone who is thinking about informing on the drug cartel or turning them in."

Watch the interview now:

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