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Throughout this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub has been referred to as a “coke whore” by her cast mates.

But spurned ex-convict Daniel Aguilar went one step further this week, telling Radar Online the troubled reality star is a “snitchin’ coke whore.” And, according to sworn testimony by Aguilar, he should know.

Last Thursday, Aguilar was deposed under oath as part of Kevin Maher’s defamation lawsuit against Staub.

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A former drug dealer who was arrested in a kidnapping and drug distribution scheme with Staub three decades ago, Aguilar went to jail because Staub turned on him.

He said he met Staub when she worked as a prostitute and used the names Beverly Merrill and Angela Minelli. The pair started dating and working together, with Staub approaching Aguilar at one point and asking for four kilograms of cocaine to sell to her neighbor.

Aguilar provided the drugs.

But the neighbor never paid for the cocaine, and Aguilar believes he was ripped off by Staub and this man.

In order to cover her tracks, though, Staub allegedly began beating the neighbor over the head with a 9mm Beretta, threatening the man’s life. She told the man’s father that his son would die unless at least $25,000 was paid.

Both Staub and Aguilar were arrested for the incident and charged with extortion and intent to distribute cocaine. Via a plea bargain, Staub avoided jail time and flipped on Aguilar, sending him to prison for years.

Under oath, Aguilar admitted “I wanted to kill her because of what she did, but I realize that if she’s dead I’m not going to get paid,” referring to the $100,000 he’s still owed for the original cocaine shipment.

Aguilar even says he contacted Staub last month to demand the money, but she insists she owes him nothing.

It’s a complicated, layered story – and a lot of it rests on the word of a convicted drug dealer. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Danielle Staub is rewarded for her incredibly shady, illegal behavior throughout the years with a six-figure salary and a starring reality show role.