Ashton Kutcher to Brittney Jones: What Are U Wearing?

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The rumored Ashton Kutcher affair has gone mainstream.

While Star Magazine continues to make up quotes claim that 21-year old Brittney Jones slept with the actor inside the home he shares with wife Demi Moore, People has also joined the coverage of this story.

In its latest cover story, the popular publication focuses on Moore's reaction to this allegation. It reports that Kutcher visited his beautiful half on the Michigan set of her new movie and everything seemed fine: "She [gushed] over Ashton," a source said. "You could hear them laughing in her trailer."

Demi Cover Story
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But will the pair remain "super committed," as another inside described Ashton and Demi as, in the face of Star's latest claims?

This week's issue supposedly includes actual text messages from Kutcher to Jones. In a totally believable statement, she tells the tabloid:

"My phone was broken at the time, so I couldn't receive or make calls, I could only text."

And what kind of exchanges did she and the actor have? Jones says Kutcher asked the brunette, mere hours after getting her number at a bowling alley: What are you wearing now?

From there, the two allegedly organized a rendezvous in a parking lot and ended up on Ashton and Moore's couch, going at it in a "tender" bit of love making, as Brittney has detailed it. Do you buy her tale?

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