Bristol Palin Wants to Set an Example For Moms!

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Dancing With the Stars' Bristol Palin says she wants to set a good example on the hit program for all the moms out there. But is she doing the opposite?

The teen mom, who just broke off her second engagement with Levi Johnston, plans to balance motherhood and work, far away from home in Alaska.

“I’m not the first mom to participate on Dancing with the Stars [but] I want to set a good example for all of the amazing moms out there,” she said.

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Bristol Palin: Setting a good example? [Photos:]

Of the difficult task ahead, the 19-year-old says that “Yes, we can balance work and family, and we can also take on a new and exciting challenge.”

Bristol Palin shares custody with Levi and confirmed that their son, Tripp, will be living with her in Los Angeles during her time on the ABC show.

Living in a new city with as a single mom of a toddler might intimidate some young moms, but Bristol says she’s able to embrace her fame fears:

“I’m excited! It feels great to step outside of my comfort zone. I look forward most to getting in the studio and working hard. I’m in good hands.”

Is she really setting a good example, or is ABC doing the reverse by effectively rewarding the child of a famous politician for having unprotected sex?

Tell us: Is Bristol going on DWTS right or wrong?

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