Shelly Thompson Dares to Hassle the Hoff

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A woman claiming to be David Hasselhoff's girlfriend says she plans to sue the star for domestic abuse, even though he claims they've never even met.

These things happen when you are an international sex symbol and revered for your role in the epic, long-running television drama known as Baywatch.

Shelly Thompson, who also goes by Shane Starlet, is alleging she was physically hassled by the Hoff and has engaged a high-profile Hollywood lawyer.

If Thompson is to be believed (a big if) her story is no joke.

She says she began living with Hasselhoff in 2007 until their relationship came to an end this July, when he threw her out of his car onto the street.

“My mother and I were on our way down to San Diego with David for his Comic Con appearance,” Thompson recalled. “He was drunk, we got into an argument and he pulled over on the side of the road and told us to, ‘Get the f*%k out!’”

Who does he think he is, Mel Gibson?

No photo evidence of Thompson and Hasselhoff together is know to exist, despite her claims that she and Hasselhoff - who is famously battling alcohol and other problems - dated for nearly three years. Quite fishy, no?

Another hole? Thompson claims the incident occurred on July 24. There are photos of Hasselhoff at a Comic Con event in San Diego with his daughter on July 22 – two days before Thompson says she went to the event with him.

Hasselhoff's legal team says this reeks of a shakedown, claiming “he has never met” Shelly Thompson, “doesn’t know anyone by that name” and the whole story “is absolutely not true.” The accuser says it is true, and there are witnesses.

We'll see.


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