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Montana Fishburne may not have the approval of her famous father Laurence, but her mom is supposedly on board with the whole sex tape / porn career thing.

Today marks the release of the Chippy D sex tape – we don’t know where her nickname stems from, nor do we want to – that the actor tried to buy all copies of.

Laurence Fishburne is hurt and beyond pissed by his 19-year-old daughter’s career move, but her mother and his ex-wife was apparently more supportive of it.

Relatively speaking, of course.

Montana Fishburne, a.k.a. Chippy D, is an adult film star as of today.

In the conversation, which she described as uneasy, but supportive, Montana tells TMZ her mom said, “She loves me and is concerned and worried about me.”

But, Montana adds, “She just wants whatever is best for me.”

Her mom is Hajna Moss-Fishburne, a former actress and current fitness trainer. No word on how she feels about the fact that Montana used to be a prostitute.