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Co-parenting with your ex-fiance is no picnic. Just ask Bristol Palin.

Another teen mom, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout, knows this well.

Raising son Bentley with Ryan Edwards is so hard, “We barely speak,” Maci says. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing. We just try to avoid arguments as much as possible.”

Good luck with that. The former couple have sparred over child support, his new girlfriend, even pacifiers, which Ryan gives him after Maci wants to wean him off.

“He’s just going to get [his pacifier] at Ryan’s house,” Bookout says. “I think Ryan spoils Bentley and really has no boundaries as far as discipline. With me, I don’t want Bentley to grow up and be a brat when he’s 4 years old.”

The stars of Teen Mom have become famous, likely sparking widespread interest in more girls becoming teen moms so as to secure a new reality show.

The Chattanooga State student and waitress adds that her ex isn’t much of a hands-on dad during Bentley’s visits: “As far as Bentley getting fed, his diaper changed, taking a bath, it’s mainly Ryan’s mom doing all of that,” Maci says.

She adds hopefully that Edwards’ new girlfiend will “make Ryan want to grow as a father. I don’t want him to find a girlfriend who just wants to party.”

Meanwhile, Bentley has a new father figure in Kyle King, Maci Bookout’s beau of six months: “It’s weird to see [Bentley] loves Kyle enough that Kyle can make him feel better… I like that emotional support that comes with a partner.”

Unfortunately for Farrah Abraham, she lost hers far too soon.