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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are rumored to be back on.

Not only is this false, according to the singer, but the Huffington Post, which reported it, is the journalistic equivalent of “a stripper wearing reading glasses.”

He also suggested a title for any piece the Huffington Post might run on his response to their story: JOHN MAYER SLAMS HUFFPOST: “GO F**K YOURSELF!”

Jennifer Aniston at SAGs
Photo via Getty Images for Turner

John Mayer is not pleased with Jennifer Aniston dating rumors.

The douchebag provoked by an item which described how Mayer he that he “believed in second chances” during his Hollywood Bowl concert on Sunday.

The article also noted that “a woman who resembled Aniston was rumored to be in the wings,” which Mayer took issue with. That’s not iron clad proof?!

Likening the site to “an insolvent law student willing to dance for a few extra dollars,” Mayer then proposed the headline above, “should you decide to try and make a few more bucks for whatever body wash or slasher flick you’re hocking today.”

Wow. So he’s not only going after the integrity of the celebrity news content on one of the biggest sites, but bashing the entire online advertising world.

Pretty harsh, JM. What’s wrong with body wash or Saw VIII?