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Jennifer Aniston’s controversial comments about single parenting and use of the word retard on live TV have both raised eyebrows in recent weeks.

She’s been criticized by Bill O’Reilly and countless others over the two incidents. Well, it’s time to focus on more important matters – her love life!

Despite claims earlier this week the actress is dating a wealthy European banker, Britain’s Daily Mirror says Aniston has hooked back up with …

… wait for it …

… that douchebag John Mayer! Again!

MANISTON: Reloaded and hotter than ever!?

“John invited Jen to come out and meet him while he was in Manhattan,” a source told the tabloid. “He told her he wanted to see her and even paid for a private jet to fly her from LA. They spent hours in his suite at the Four Seasons.”

We know what that means. No one goes to John Mayer’s suite for conversation. But will Jen fall for his tricks, only to be burned by him again? “Jen’s been hurt by him before and isn’t prepared to go public with the relationship just yet.”

This news comes amid reports of Jen meeting with a surrogate.

“Jennifer has spent the last few months discreetly looking into the technicalities,” a source said. “She has been holding private meetings with prospective women.”

“We think she’s narrowed it down to her final two.”

Bet you Octomom would do it for the right price …